Some snapshots from inside and outside our lab

The ytterbium machine in Bonn just before the bakeout starts!
Extreme supervision of master student!
2021 - when it got so cold outside that the aircon broke and the inside became a sauna 🔥
We are pretty crucial to the functionality of the department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy in Odense! Coffee machine not broken anymore ☕ The chemists can thank us later.
Dancing with physicists! The new labs in Bonn are getting ready!
Part of the RQO team testing their moving skills. Übung macht den Meister.
Plan for new labs. Life is sweet in Gummy Bear Lab.
? ? ? Part of NQO group going for ice cream in nice weather. Hannes takes the picture.
Group in March 2020 (from home office). Noaman, Sebastian + family, José, Thilina, Hannes, Nina, Mikkel, and Rafael + family
Group in September 2019, top row from left: Mogens, Noaman, Nina, and Hannes. Bottom row from left: Mikkel, Sebastian, Stuti, and José.
May 2019: First fluorescence of Yb in our new experiment!
Sebastian showing the RQO experiment to visitors from the Villum Foundation
Part of NQO lunch club on a sunny day!
The group in March 2019! Front row from left: Philipp, Mikkel, Aksel, Sebastian and Emil, Back row from left: Noaman, Hannes, Nina and Mogens
The group in October 2018. Nina, Julia, Mikkel, Sebastian and Simon fill the back row. In the front from left is Aksel, Hannes, Philipp, Holger, Emil and Mogens.
Sebastian talking at Science and Beers at Odense Studenterhus on the 12th of October 2018. To the talk the organizers recommended a Citra IPA beer, because it’s a “light” beer ?
Advanced SRITP amd GiRYD School in Israel
Advanced experiment-theory collaboration!
A photon from the empty lab before the new ceiling was put in. The wrapped experiment has been decorated with a bow, and we look forward to unpacking it!
We have experimentally observed correlations between three photons! Here the observed connected third order correlation function in Jacobi coordinates!
The group in February 2018.
We have successfully measured the first EIT signal in our new lab in Odense. We still have to optimize the signal a bit and especially start to optically pump our atoms. But this is already a good start.
A photo of magneto-optically trapped atoms in our vacuum chamber. The atomic cloud is placed in the center of eight field plates to precisely control electric fields.
During the night, the fluoresence of the magneto-optical trap is much brighter?
We successfully captured the first Rubidium atoms after the move to Odense and can already load them into the optical dipole trap. Next we will align the probes.
Hannes wears his PhD hat after successfully defending his thesis
Christoph and Asaf finish the hat, setting a new record for remaining time in the institute
The group in November 2016
Our Group in May 2016
March 2015: new group picture with new people.
March 2014: new group photo
August 2013: Advanced device labelling techniques
April 2013: The romantic glow of our blue Rydberg excitation light
January 2013: first absorption images of our crossed optical dipole trap
November 2012: You can also see our MOT by eye
November 2012: A first (fuzzy) image of our magneto-optical trap
November 2012: first iteration of our setup
July 2012: ScoPe Volleyball tournament 2nd place!
June 2013: Hannes consuming his usual weekday breakfast
Transmission of probe light vs electric field: EIT leads to happy faces.