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December 16, 2020
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Christmas Calendar 2020 – And the winner is…

Dear all,


Happy new year! I hope you all entered 2021 happily and safely.


I’m really thankful that so many of you took the time to participate in and occasionally give feedback on the Lab Christmas Calendar 2020!

Because of you all it has been a great pleasure to send out daily calendar entries. I have honestly had great fun with this, and I hope you too have been puzzled, challenged, and entertained!

The biggest issue was the quality of your solutions which were often incredibly funny and ingenious. I’m truly impressed by how much creativity you put into this! With great answers comes great responsibility of making nice solution entries – nicer solution entries than I originally planned, at least.

I finally put those remaining answers online btw! You find them here:

Christmas lab calendar 2020 – SOLUTIONS


Anyway! From those solutions, I promised to draw a Calendar winner, and in the early hours of 2021 we drew a winner of the calendar!


Before revealing the result of the lottery, I will give you some facts about this calendar and the answers!

  • The calendar had 24 entries, but the entry from the 20th contained three questions, meaning that a total of 26 lottery tickets were available for each person.
  • No-one actually answered all 26 questions correctly, the highest number of correctly answered questions was 25!
  • I received 224 correct answers from at least 34 different participants/participating teams.
  • The highest number of correct answers came on the 1st of December (22 correct answers)! The lowest number of answers came on the 24th (two answers – but honestly, this was two more than expected 😉)
  • The median on the number of correct answers was 8.5.

Among the top-scorers are, in no particular order, Vladimir, Jens, Peter, Sebastian W, Dietmar, Ann, Mikkel, and Christoph and Raphaël.


From these 224 correct answers a winner had to be found! Starting with the 224 answers I removed the ones from my own family (sorry, Pern & Pede!). This left me with 216 answers.

Since 216 = 6^3 three rolls of a (regular) dice could be used to pick a unique number between 1 and 216.

Therefore, I asked my all-time-favorite sidekick and little sister to act as my fabulous assistant and do the ‘dicing’, as documented here:


The winner is *drum roll*





The ever-riddle-answering




Congratulations Jens on the title of Lab Christmas Calendar 2020 Winner!

You can look forward to receiving the awesome Lab Christmas Calendar 2020 Winner Award by mail, which will be shipped as soon as possible!  🏆 We’ll stay in touch.

With this reveal of the Calendar winner, we have come to the end of the Christmas Lab Calendar 2020. Thank you for reading along! You rock!

If you have any feedback on the calendar, I would love to hear it (given that it is mainly positive)!


Best wishes for 2021 and beyond,