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December 01, 2020

Christmas calendar 2020

Every day until the 24th this post will be updated with a new lab-themed challenge! …

December 01, 2020

Christmas lab calendar 2020 – SOLUTIONS

The solutions will be put here sometimes after 6 the day after each exercise has …

April 23, 2020

Looking forward to slow reopening of lab

We are looking a lot forward to a health authority approved return to the lab …

December 08, 2019

Rydberg lab-art

The portrait of Rydberg keeps an eye on us by the evaluation computer!

May 10, 2019

First glow of Ytterbium

We just observed the first fluorescence of Yb in the vacuum chamber of our new …

June 25, 2018

Lab construction coming to an end

After almost two months of downtown with a completely wrapped up experiment we are looking …